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            It was February 2000 and I stood at the podium of an audience in New York City of traders. The audience knew me since I had done market timing commentary for Barron’s Financial Publication for over 5 years. 2000 marked the year that Jack Schwager’s bestselling book called the [...]

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For those of you who watch Fox Business and are familiar with Varney & Co here was my segment on August 14th.

The lows yesterday registered a 200 point pullback from the highs registered on Sept. 19 at 2014. 50. The NASDAQ recorded a full 10% pullback with yesterday’s action. Therefore we are [...]

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Environment Change

On October 7, 2014 By

I have had a lot of success with selling or buying +/- 1000 Ticks. That was my most reliable entry point over the years. Over the last year they have not been very reliable as the Market has been controlled and not allowed to trade normally. The last couple weeks however, have been acting more [...]

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This is the full copy of our afternoon advisory on September 9th. Both our recommended trades hit that day and were a success.

Please contact me if you would like any information on how to subscribe.

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The Advisory is composed of 3 sections, the Short Term, Intermediate Term and Interest Rate Outlook. We frequently provide advisory trade parameters on our advisory. Here is an example of the Wednesday trade that was achieved.

Once again if you are interested please contact us and check out the Advisory Service tab at [...]

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Advisory Teaser

On August 13, 2014 By

He is an excerpt from Monday’s advisory. Please reach out to us if you are interested in subscribing. We will continue to do this to give you a taste of how it operates.


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2014 Views and Forecast

On January 15, 2014 By

General overview:  The most influential force of 2013 was the Federal Reserve. They not only impact the U.S. economy and trading markets but the world as well. I would say there has never been an unelected entity that has wielded more clout than we have seen in 2013.

That will change in 2014. History has [...]

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Pendulum Swing

On September 29, 2013 By

The early Monday morning saw the S&P without a friend. However the erosion was contained and a rescue push was orchestrated to offset price deterioration. The market had a very heavy look to it but as of yet has not fallen with the heaviness that it portrays. The bonds have been able to probe above132 even [...]

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Markets have a tendency to be influenced in different degrees. A person who has a sprained ankle is much more susceptible to an additional sprain situation than a completely healthy ankle. Similarly, the chronic or perhaps terminal health of the bond markets has raised rates. This is a contagion that will eventually spread to stocks. [...]

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Is the Market off the Juice?

On September 16, 2013 By

The slow methodical rally last Monday pushed through resistance areas like a bulldozer in low gear. Not a typical type of action for a bullish move but rather a typical manipulative action of massive computers. The bonds were actually in a divergence as they were in the plus column as well as stocks. They did not [...]

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